Check out creative options to keep in touch with friends in quarantine.

Check out creative options to keep in touch with friends in quarantine.

April 12, 2021 12:00 AM

With the mandatory quarantine, personal meetings with friends, partners and family members had to be canceled in order to contribute to protection measures and prevent the transmission of the disease, which transformed the living habits of people around the world.

Social detachment, however, does not mean turning away from each other entirely. Online platforms and applications have become the solution for many people to remain close to each other.

After a year of isolation, virtual tools like Zoom e Google Hangouts can get tiring, but in the world of apps, there are many other ways to interact with people.

Check out our list of options below to gather friends and have fun.

Among Us

The game won over players for its simple gameplay and the possibility of connecting to groups of friends. The goal is to find the imposter on the ship, before he kills the crew. Innersloth's little game was so successful that the traditional The Game Awards needed to adapt its rules in 2020, allowing the 2018 game to compete even after the deadline for registration.

Animal Crossing

For those who have a Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing is an option to be able to interact with friends. The game allows you to exchange messages through cards with the players added to your network.


Fever of the 2000s, Habbo is still a way to attend virtual parties, meet new people and chat with 'real friends' via chat. The player can also customize the avatar, which has the option of wearing a face mask. Remembering the importance of coronavirus security measures in the game can inspire people beyond it, right?


StopotS allows web profiles to recall the times when friends gathered in circles and played stop with a sheet of paper and pen. The virtual version allows you to create separate rooms, which can be opened and accessible to any user or blocked by a password. Players can also choose categories and evaluate responses, which are automatically computed on a scoreboard. The site also provides chat for participants to chat.

Draw Something

Draw Something is the virtual version of the old guessing game. Each participant receives a theme and needs to represent it through a drawing. The other player can watch the video of the illustration process and must write the correct name of the object with the letter options available on the screen. The categories are determined by the mobile application and change periodically. Profiles are able to send messages about the opponent's performance.

Board game

It is a platform that allows you to promote a series of different games in real time. It is one of the most famous among experts and everything is done online.

Insight Timer

If you want a relaxing and spiritual program, Insight Timer is a great choice. The mobile app acts as a social network for meditation enthusiasts and users can add friends or join guided meditation groups. In addition, the application also archives data and provides statistics on the progress of each profile.

The simulation game The Sims, has also been used a lot to pass the time. The game does not allow interaction between players, but it can still be an option to renew the conversation with friends. You can create the virtual version of colleagues and bring them together in a single home. As a reality show, it is possible to monitor the behavior of the participants and update friends about their performance in the virtual universe.

Choose your favorites, gather the crowd and have fun staying at home!

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