What is Mundo Gamer Community

What is Mundo Gamer Community

January 28, 2021 12:00 AM

The basis of the Mundo Gamer Network project, Community is the global social network responsible for daily connecting companies and gamers to the main events and happenings in the gaming world. Registered users have a personalized profile and can also enrich our library with information about their favorite games and characters, being rewarded with credits (“MGC”) that can be used in exchange for products and services from partner companies or on other platforms of Mundo Gamer.

MGC has a complete WikiGamer created and updated daily by our employees, users, and partners, informing the main events according to preference and respecting the privacy of each one. Seeking to inform the main events, coverage, and news of the gamer segment with the publication of news, reviews, trailers, and more.

Explaining better, on the platform the user can register and participate in the largest social gamer network, where users from all over the world come together to find out about the most varied games, news, releases, play quizzes about games and their characters, in addition to be able to share everything between them. The user can also create groups about the games they like, to discuss and share news, tips, and all content related to their network of contacts interested in those specific games. Every action created on this social network generates credits that can be exchanged for online courses at MUNDO GAMER ACADEMY, purchase products at MUNDO GAMER SHOP, or even exchange for credits at MUNDO GAMER CLUB and franchises. All credits generated are stored in the registered profile and can be used as the user decides.

In addition to connecting gamers and companies and with partners in all parts of the globe, MUNDO GAMER NETWORK opens space so that game lovers can, in addition to developing their skills in games, also make this hobby an extremely profitable profession.

What can the Mundo Gamer Community offer you?


  • A wide variety of content developed by our team and by the main gaming sites around the world;
  • A Wikigamer complete with key information about developers, development studios, games, characters, platforms, and more;
  • Rewards system and exclusive promotions for users who are members of the Mundo Gamer community;
  • Feed of personalized content according to your personal preferences;
  • Create, manage and disseminate Communities, Events, and Championships.


Studios | Developers

  • Exclusive space on our Wikigamer, allowing the visibility of your projects to our community;
  • Recommendations of new market trends and an increase in the possibility of finding new partners or collaborators;
  • Receive qualified feedbacks from our selected "Game Tester" level users;
  • Rewards system for each contribution made to Mundo Gamer Community;
  • Find qualified developers and add new ideas to your projects.



  • Business opportunities with the best professionals worldwide;
  • Visibility of your brand in the entire gamer community;
  • Connect your followers on a platform dedicated to the gaming community;
  • Present your team, products, videos, and news;
  • Connect your fans on a platform dedicated to the gaming community and share your updates;
  • Communication tools to boost your proposals.


Come connect and register in the Mundo Gamer Community!

We are waiting for you!

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