About Us

Welcome to the Mundo Gamer Network, one of the platforms belonging to the Gamer Mundo Network group.

We are a platform for professional opportunities and talent search, offering advanced tools to manage and facilitate the hiring processes of companies.

Are you passionate about games and want to turn that passion into a solid career in the electronic gaming industry? Mundo Gamer Network is your ideal partner. We connect talented professionals like you with the best companies in the sector, making the job search easier and more effective.

What can Mundo Gamer Network offer you?

For Professionals

  • Find positions that exactly match your profile and ambitions in the gaming industry.
  • In addition to job opportunities, Mundo Gamer Network provides a valuable networking environment, connecting professionals to other members of the gaming community, promoting collaborations and interactions beyond job vacancies..
  • The site can offer news and insights related to the gaming industry, allowing professionals to stay updated on the latest trends, releases, and important events.
  • Access to educational resources and career advice specific to the gaming industry, assisting professionals in their professional development and career planning.
  • Track companies to discover new jobs and establish contact with the leading companies in the sector, standing out in the job market.

Studios and Developers

  • Recruit professionals specialized in the creation and development of games, ensuring that your teams are composed of talents who understand the nuances and demands of the industry.
  • In addition to job vacancies, the platform can facilitate strategic partnerships between studios and publishers, promoting collaborations and business opportunities that drive mutual growth.
  • The platform can be a space for studios and publishers to showcase their ongoing projects, new releases, and initiatives, increasing visibility and awareness within the gaming community.
  • Access and direct interaction with the gaming community, allowing studios and publishers to receive valuable feedback on their products and strategies, contributing to continuous improvement.
  • Participation in professional development programs and educational resources.


  • Companies have access to a group of professionals specialized in the gaming industry, allowing them to hire talents with knowledge and passion for the sector.
  • By listing job vacancies on Mundo Gamer Network, companies increase their visibility in the gaming community, strengthening their employer brand and attracting candidates who share affinity with the industry.
  • The platform can offer tools to facilitate the hiring process, such as advanced filters and pre-selection options, making the identification of qualified candidates more efficient.
  • Visibility of your brand throughout the gaming community.
  • Companies can obtain data and statistics on the performance of their published vacancies, helping them understand the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies and make adjustments as necessary.
  • The platform provides opportunities for companies to establish strategic partnerships with other organizations in the gaming industry, promoting beneficial collaborations and resource sharing.